Lancelot Media London acquires Leadfindr

We are delighted to announce that we have reached agreement that Lancelot Media London are to acquire Leadfindr.  This press release was published by Joao Martins of Lancelot. “Today, we are happy to announce that we have reached a definitive agreement to acquire Leadfindr, the social media lead generation platform, in a cash + equity deal which sees Leadfindr founder Mark Rogers join the LML management team as CTO. “We have recently rolled out our mobile Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform, The Round Table, which uses proprietary automation software to make user data actionable for advertisers.  Through a mix of exclusive access to inventory, and a data science approach to ad relevancy and personalization, TRT looks to make mobile advertising simpler, and more rewarding. “Simply put: Read more ››

Windows 7 32-bit network driver issue

Apologies in advance for this off-topic post. We installed a fresh version of Windows 7 on old Dell Studio XPS 8000 machine which was running Ubuntu. The problem was it failed to connect to the Internet because the network drivers (aka “ethernet controller) needed updating. At the end of an agonisingly long search for 32-bit driver controllers (Dell no longer offer these) we found this link. If you should happen to encounter this problems (and the volume of message board posts on the subjects suggests it isn’t uncommon). We hope this link still works! If it doesn’t try Googling the device name. Good luck.

Content marketing for the car industry in Twitter

Twitter (with 255 million active users) is full of people talking about their relationships with their cars which can enable a smart marketer to add value. Here is how it works: The first thing to establish is where in the “conversational funnel” are you finding people? Are you finding people where they are just at the point of expressing the rage, frustration, irritation, annoyance they are feeling when confronted by an issue with their automobile. Are you finding them when they are a little bit further on (they have calmed down a little!) and they are defining the problem that they have. Or are you finding them a little bit further on still when they are asking around for advice Read more ››

Leadfindr – automating lead discovery

The last few months of Leadfindr have been a pretty intense time, full of learning: some of it painful, all of it useful. We spent the last year delivering implementation after implementation where our customers had great results from the service. They engaged with students, home movers, people who had just had accidents, people who were thinking about their pensions. They had great results, but not enough of them were renewing. Why? Because if I am a Leadfindr customer engaging on Twitter, going after leads is hard work. I may have a great list of people I can talk to, but talking to them still requires energy. They all need qualifying. That requires energy too. I may not have the Read more ››